Anchor Bay - Pet Policy

One of the buildings (eight units) are completely pet free.  No pets are allowed in that building except, or course, service animals.

But units in the other two buildings in Anchor Bay Condominium Complex are approved for certain pets, subject to the following regulations.

Tenants may maintain a pet from only one of the following categories:  (Service animals are not considered pets and are therefore exempt from these policies.)

Dogs –     Maximum number – One (1)  Maximum size – 20 lbs (as adult).  Spayed or neutered at appropriate age.  Current distemper and rabies shots.

Cats –     Maximum number – Two (2).  Spayed or neutered at appropriate age.  Current distemper and rabies shots.

Birds -     No parrots or myna birds or others of this type.  Maximum number – Two (2) (i.e. Love Birds, Finches, etc.)

Fish -     Maximum aquarium size – 30 gallons.  Maximum number – Approx. three inches of fish per gallon of water.  Aquarium shall be placed in a safe and secure location in the unit.

Only routine domestic animals will be allowed.  No reptiles, monkeys, or other exotic or undomesticated animals of any type will be allowed. 

1.    A tenant who wishes to have a pet (except for fish) must first make a request to the Management to acquire a pet.  Tenant must provide the following information:
2.    Name, address, and phone number of veterinarian.

3.    Veterinarian’s certification that the pet is in good health, has had the necessary inoculations and booster shots and is spayed or neutered in the appropriate cases.  Pet owners must verify that the pet complies with the selection criteria, and appears to be:  in good health, well cared for, well behaved, and under to control of its owner.  Overly aggressive, overly active, or unfriendly animals will not be accepted.  The Tenant will be provided with a Written ruling as to the pet’s acceptability after the interview.  If the pet is rejected, the Tenant will be told in writing of the reason for the rejection.

·    Financial Obligations

A one-time Pet Deposit in the amount of $200 for a dog or cat will be assessed.  This deposit is totally separate from the unit security deposit paid at the time of occupancy.  The deposit is fully refundable after the unit has been vacated if there are no pet damages or at such time that pet no longer resides in the unit.

The Pet Deposit may not be used to pay other non-compliance fines detailed further in this policy.

This deposit is solely separate from the Tenant’s rent as stated in the apartment lease.

In addition, Tenants shall be liable for all damages resulting from any injury to the person or Property of others as stated in the Pet Agreement.

·    Dogs, Cats, Etc.

The pet must be kept in the tenant’s apartment or when inside the building kept under control at all times.  This is to prevent the spread of pet dander, which is often the cause of severe allergies in many people.  The pet must be on a leash at all times when on the grounds of the
complex.  At no time will the pet ever be allowed to roam free.

·    All animal waste or litter from litter boxes or cages is to be picked up and disposed of in Sealed Plastic Bags and placed in the trash bin or garbage chute.  Cat litter must be emptied at least twice weekly and cleaned daily.  If an excessive odor develops because of improper care one (1) verbal reprimand followed by one (1) written reprimand will be given.  A third notice of the problem can result in the tenant’s being required to remove the pet from the complex.  Litter from litter boxes is not to be disposed of down the toilet, as it could clog the plumbing.  Charges for the cleaning up of the common grounds because of a Tenant’s pet will be billed back to the Unit Owner at a cost of $10.00 for each occurrence if this rule is violated.

·    The Tenant agrees to use a “pooper scooper” or other device to clean up behind the pet is it should ever “mess” on the exterior common grounds.

·    The Tenant agrees to keep his pet under control at all times so that the pet does not jump up on other guests on the property and that they are not bothered or unduly subjected to excessive barking or other aggressive behavior.

·    Pets that disturb the peace and quiet of the neighbors through noise (barking, whining, etc.) through odors, animal waste, biting, scratching, urinating in shrubbery or elsewhere, or other nuisance must be removed from the premises.

·    All cats and dogs on the premises are required to wear flea collars, or provide proof that the pet has been treated for the prevention of flea infestation by another means (flea baths, injections, pills, etc.).  Flea prevention mechanisms must be renewed/repeated every 90 days and documentation of such must be provided.

·    The tenant agrees to provide adequate care, nutrition, exercise and medical care for the pet, including current shots as required or necessary.  Pets that appear to be poorly cared for will be reported to ASPCA or other appropriate authority for removal at the Tenant’s expense.

·    Pets must be removed from their units for the full amount of specified time for any exterminating or defleaing.  This requirement must be complied with completely.

·    The Tenant also acknowledges that other tenants may have chemical sensitivities or allergies or are easily frightened by animals.  The Tenant, therefore, agrees to exercise common sense and common courtesy in respect of such other tenant’s rights to peaceful
and quiet enjoyment of the premises.

·    No pets of visitors shall be allowed in the building, nor can any pet be held temporarily by any tenant unless the pet shall be kept for more than fourteen consecutive days and nights, in which case registration and other requirements apply.

In the event a RESIDENT cannot care for his/her pet due to an illness, absence, or death, and no other person can be found to care for the pet, and after 24 hours has elapsed, the RESIDENT hereby gives permission for the pet to be released to the City Animal Control, in accordance with their procedures.


Management considers a pet to be a dog, cat, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, fish or small bird.  Snakes, spiders, ferrets, rabbits or any other type of animal, domestic or wild, are not considered to be pets by Management, and therefore will not be permitted in the community.  The following breeds of dogs are not permitted at anytime: Pit Bulls, German Shepards, Huskies, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, or any other breed of dog that is known to be dangerous, or that is banned by local law or our insurance carrier. Obviously, any dog that has an expected adult weight of over 20 lbs is not permitted.


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