Anchor Bay Condo's - Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available to tenants at Anchor Bay.  The fees are paid as part of the monthly maintenance fee.  

Wireless internet signal may vary from time to time.  The signal coming in from the modem is split among the tenants.  During periods of high usage, the system can become slower.  Normal browsing and email should not greatly affect speed, but those people that download huge files can affect others.  Please be considerate of your neighbors.  This system is not designed to support gaming or downloading of large files such as movies.     Units that download excess data will be considered in violation. 
Use this service at your own risk.  Make sure you have a firewall.

The system is open.  We offer no direct technical support nor guarantees.

To access the internet from your unit you will need an access code.  Contact Mike Kroll for the code.   His phone number is 989-351-8502.



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